trick or treat

It was a dark and stormy night when Anna got ready to trick or treat she got ready to go.Her mum told her to be  careful and not to go to house ten for it was haunted but Anna did not listen. As soon as she went out the door she run to number ten. when she go there she herd wired noises she knocked on the door and bam. That night was her last night.  

The Best Day Ever

The best day every with my family is when we went to London to see my grandma. We got to go to the big toy shops I remember everyone in my family went crazy at how big the shops were but we only got one thing.We all so went on the London eye it was so much fun to see all the city and we all had a great time. London eye

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The Best Camp Ever

For our year six camp we went to Canberra for five days. We had to get to the airport super early once we got to Canberra we went to Government house. We went to Government house on the day the PM was getting sworn in. We got to meet the Governor General and had a photo, we ended up in the paper the next day. We stayed at the AIS, we did so many things and it was the best camp I have been on. My favorite place we went to was the high court and questacon which is a center made to teach kids about science. Like the free fall we went on a vertical slide to teach us about gravity. It was the best camp ever and i want to thank my teachers that looked after us.

Jack & Lucy make smoke rings

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about Me

Hi, my name is Caitlyn,

I live in Australia I am 12 years old and in year 6.I have two sisters called Mya and Lily. I am the eldest i live with my mum and my two sisters my dad lives over seas. I love to bake and when I grow up I want to be a baker. I also want to open my own bakery but not the kind that makes meat pies. My favourite sport is netball i love being WA. In my  free time I love to bake and play with my friends. My favourite animals are cats because they are so fluffy  also my favourite subjects at school are art and music.

Were do nightmares come from ( word study)

Where do nightmares come from?

Hi Miss DeeDoo, here is my creative story.

One day a little girl called Caitlyn woke up from a nightmare. She asked her mum Angel, “where do nightmares come from?” Her mum said “let me show you”. She took Caitlyn to a room in her house she was not allowed to go in. The walls in the room were as black as night.There was a weird thing on the floor. It was a hole, but not a normal one. The air inside the hole was purple and it seemed to dance. Her mum said “jump in, I need to show you something.” Caitlyn jumped in and seemed to fall right back into the same room. Caitlyn said to her mum,  “that small trip made me hungry.” Angel said “I so hungry I could eat a horse.” When Caitlyn went outside of the room everything was different. Caitlyn was so scared of what she saw she ran back into the hole. She asked her mum what was out there but her mum just said it is to dangerous for you to know.

And that is my creative story Miss Deedoo. What do you think?