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  1. Hi Caitlyn!
    I’m Tallula and my favorite animal is probably a snow leopard or a tiger. I wrote a post about tigers if you would like to check it out at my blog Hi Victoria,
    I’m Tallula and I have never had any of these foods on this list. I live in California. If you could bring one of these foods to America, which one would you bring? If you ever want to check out my blog, here is the URL http://talluhende0302.edublogs.org/2015/11/12/week-five-activity-one/#comments

    • Hi Tallula if I could go to America and bring one food from Australia I would bring a lamb rack.
      If you could come to Australia what food would you bring from america?
      from Caitlyn

  2. Hi Caitlyn.
    My favorite animal would have to be a dolphin. I like how you asked these questions. What is your favorite animal?

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